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Logs for labour

Volunteers help clear the ground by gathering brash and turning rough brash piles into more attractive structures.

Larger materials can form a dense core and other layers are added on top of that with the aim of providing habitats for insects, birds and mammals.

Rather than just rough piles, an additional aim is to try and make more attractive structures - they are only at their best for a short time, but they hold up longer, are more interesting to look at and can be refreshed with additional brash.

Read more about the brash piles...

Next volunteer days (as part of the logs for labour scheme) are:
Sat 28 Nov 1-4 Rollrights - clearing & piling brash in return for pre-cut logs
Sun 3 Jan 1-4 Rollrights - clearing & piling brash in return for pre-cut logs

The logs for labour website currently shows access as 'No more than 50m walk to car' - but this does depend on what part of the woods we are working in and whether your vehicle can access the woodland track.