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Video clips

This section links to various short videos showing the work in the woods, the creation of some of the structures and some footage of the 2015 eclipse. Hopefully we capture some of the atmosphere.

Whispering Knights Project - Neolithic Echoes...

Visitors have questions about what we are doing...

Footage of Brighthill wood via drones with shamanic drum beats. 

A quick view of the more elaborate structures. Everything is so ephemeral that things look their best for a short time and then start to decay as insects, mycelium, weather and time work their magic. Each stage has its beauty, but it is the beauty of change and impermanence. Wabi-sabi; perhaps.

Find out about the project..

Eclipse 2015 in the woods next to the Whispering Knights. The light in the woods during the eclipse was extraordinary; not at all like dawn or dusk, more a surreal half-world of faded hues.The sound is what was recorded during filming, and, while it isn't much it seemed best to let the images speak for themselves.

This is an early version of the egg before additional 'shell' was added to the structure. The larger pieces of inner core are willow and the smaller woven sections are ash. The egg was placed just behind the entrance to a bee's nest.

A light dusting of snow... February 2015.  By the time we managed to get a clip, it had started to melt, but just enough remaining to add a different feeling to the structures.

The mounds and structures can take an enormous amount of material. As they decay over time, we hope to refresh them with new material. They only ever look their best for a short time, but since one of the main things is habitat creation, that is fine.