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Updates for the Whispering Knights woodland project - Neolithic Echoes.


Oxfordshire Artweeks 2017

Karl Gunter

The woodland project we’ve been working on will be open to the public for Oxfordshire Artweeks 2017. Time has passed so quickly as we have been engrossed in the woodland. It has been a case of either talking about it or doing it...

Oxfordshire Artweeks runs from Saturday May 6th until Monday May 29th 2017.

North Oxfordshire from May 13th.  Directions and details

We've been getting lots of questions. Many thanks to the anonymous couple who came into the woods to look and ask what is going on and showed so much enthusiasm for the Neolithic Echoes project.
Even luckier, I had been trying to film some of the work and had forgotten that the camera was still running - it was perched up on a step-ladder on a tripod looking down, so it is amazing that it managed to capture the conversation at a distance.
We could not have scripted this so perfectly if we had tried.

So, here it is - The Concept of The Project:

...and here is some drone footage with shamanic drumbeats