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Updates for the Whispering Knights woodland project - Neolithic Echoes.


Labyrinth Layout

Karl Gunter

Working on repairing existing structures and considering the labyrinth layout – I started wondering about how people might walk the labyrinth. That led to thinking of widening the paths so that there might be space for people to pause, a bit more room so that they can pass in opposite directions and to walk side by side at some points.

Widening the paths by scaling is all very well, but to scale the entire thing would make the need for a dizzying amount of extra materials... in the end, the best compromise seemed to include wider and narrower areas along the path - also, there are certain points where sitting spaces would be nice. There is a risk of distorting the shape… if so, I'll put that down as 'part of the organic look'.

One of the puzzles for the labyrinth is to decide on the best placement to allow use of what is already there and putting in new planting to succeed the felled trees.

This has meant adjusting the path markers again... with so many tree sections to move, the arborist's lifting tongs have been a fantastic help.

From the ground the shape seems to be coming together.