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Updates for the Whispering Knights woodland project - Neolithic Echoes.


Labyrinth from up a Ladder

Karl Gunter

Cutting rounds and moving them to the labyrinth has been a time-consuming task. To begin I was counting to keep a running total which seemed like a never ending job; so, rather than risk becoming a Styglian Enumerator, I stopped counting after the thousandth round fell to the floor and rolled away on a mission of its own.

That was back in December, and by the end of January it looks like the bulk of that will be done.

Of course, that is just the base, then comes the next stage of cutting!

At the moment it is mainly a case of holding an amorphous shape and feel of the labyrinth in my head; the markers really help but the thing seems to be evolving day by day but not in obvious way. After all the basic preparations are done, my hope is that it will start to come together a bit more quickly - the work does not produce visible results in a linear progression - like the other structures - "chaos with a hint of order" - put in a fancy way - "the development is more akin to the line of a golden spiral slowly resolving into focus from Fibonacci numbers".

More prosaically, "it is still a bit of a mess, but the chaos should be about to yield some signs of order"

Of course, still no idea of what it looks like from the air, but did get up a ladder to at least get an indication of whether it was going to be a pleasant spiral shape or intestines spilled crudely on the ground. Here are a couple of pictures showing the current layout.

View of labyrinth layout from the south

Labyrinth layout view from up a ladder

Haven't measured it yet, but pacing from one side of the labyrinth to the other could mean it is over 30 metres wide.

As for the length of the path, not sure exactly, could be around 400 paces from the entrance to the centre, then of course, another 400 or so paces back out.

Am trying an experiment with the crossing point: