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Updates for the Whispering Knights woodland project - Neolithic Echoes.


Nature Takes Control of Labyrinth Design

Karl Gunter

People started walking the labyrinth almost as soon as it was roughly laid out, but now the form is coming together more, it is proving to have a very good feel to it and, from the feedback I've been getting, it is working in the mysterious way that labyrinths are able!

The paths are not clear of debris yet because work continues, but it is now possible to follow it without too many unintended obstacles. Each day's work starts with walking to the centre, and the day ends by walking from the centre back to the entrance. The action of walking the labyrinth seems to open up interesting states of mind and the relationship between those and other meditative and esoteric practices is taking some serious exploration.

Labyrinth cascade early on

On a more mundane level, the world has informed me that the idea to simply stack a 'cascade' foolishly overlooked a number of things... most notably that the world has little consideration or worry for human aesthetic ideas (like balancing things) which attempt to ignore the fact that nature is not a simple system or machine that humans control by pushing buttons or 'just because'.

A few gusts of 30mph+ sharply re-introduced me to the idea that nature is in charge.

In this case, I thought perhaps a judicious use of some glue might help.

Well, nature took that glue and raised me a bucket full of wind-speed to point out that my glue didn't key well to smooth bark and I'd better up my game.

The labyrinth cascade grows…