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Updates for the Whispering Knights woodland project - Neolithic Echoes.


Planting Trees into the Labyrinth Walls

Karl Gunter

This week saw a big part of the basics go into place that will now allow more refinements of the labyrinth.

As well as incorporating existing flora into the structure, the idea was to plant new trees into some parts of the path walls.

Luckily for me, there was some help on that front. The guys who had been doing some felling in the wood had sourced some trees and turned up Wednesday. I asked Adrian to walk the labyrinth with me to see if he thought the places I had marked out would work okay with the established trees.

I asked Adrian what he would recommend to plant at markers I'd put near the entrance with a third to go near the centre and he suggested Red Oak.

When we walked back out and reached the entrance, I said (only partially tongue-in-cheek) "Okay, you've been introduced to the labyrinth, planting may now commence." I'm not sure what he thought, but he smiled!

Decided to leave them to the planting of the trees and went to work on refreshing one of the old structures elsewhere.

Later that day I went to see how things were going - they'd put in between 40 and 50 trees and Adrian told me two interesting things (interesting to me at any rate!)...

1. He had got the other guy working with him to walk the labyrinth before they started planting


2. He had included a number of Cherry trees because he thought the blossom would really work well for the labyrinth

So - thank you Adrian, and a shout out to JAG Trees!

New trees planted into labyrinth walls